I must confess, my fingernails are all gone and I’m rather apprehensive as we approach Gilbert’s first day of high school. I know we’ve done all we can to prepare him for the new start in front of him but I still don’t know it that’s going to be enough to ensure a smooth transition.

I guess we won’t know until that first day, which is literally just around the corner for us now!

I shared some of my concerns in a recent article for 1233 ABC Newcastle which focuses on starting school when you have a condition or disability. Gilbert, who rather loves the spotlight, shared his own thoughts with Rob Virtue and provided a fascinating insight into his expectations of high school. Let’s just hope the canteen lives up to his high expectations…

ABC Albinism Article Photo - www.positivespecialneedsparenting.com

The interview was a great opportunity for Gilbert to try on his new uniform and become more comfortable with the thought of a new school. I was so proud of his cooperation and willingness to share his thoughts on raising albinism awareness and making new friends in high school. It ended up being a positive experience at a very challenging time for us.

Fingers crossed it’s a good omen and we’ll have a smooth transition for him (and for us too!)

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