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As a special needs parent, disability advocate, writer, speaker and consultant, I assist support groups, community organisations, schools and disability service providers better understand special needs families. Sharing my own experience, I help others understand what it’s really like to live a special needs life and identify ways to improve interactions and relationships with special needs parents by:

– developing resources for both parents and providers,

– sharing strategies that work,

– cultivating understanding through writing articles,

– spreading awareness by speaking to the wider community and

– providing personalised consulting services.




“I want parents to feel empowered and confident when dealing with providers. I want providers to better understand the parent experience so they can improve their interactions. Ultimately, by improving relations between parents and providers, I want our kids to receive the assistance they deserve.”




In 2011, I began my work as a special needs parenting advocate at My Home Truths. In the six years I maintained the site, it grew to be recognised as a respected voice in the special needs parenting sector. It was named as a Bupa Blog Award finalist in 2016, acknowledged for the quality advice and genuine support it provided.

Building on that reputation, I’ve spoken to parents, special education teachers and professionals on a range of topics at community and professional forums. I’ve delivered teacher information sessions, parent support presentations, addressed local community groups and been a featured speaker at a local travel expo.

I’ve been on radio, print and TV media, discussing autism, albinism and general parenting subjects. Last year, I presented two sessions to delegates at the 2017 Asia Pacific Autism Conference (APAC) in Sydney. Help yourself to my presentation slides and resources.

I’ve also worked on projects with small and large organisations, such as CatholicCare, Autism Spectrum Australia and One Stop Sensory Shop. I’ve created program outlines, delivered parent information sessions, presented information at staff training days and developed email marketing campaigns.

In 2017, I published a guide to travelling as an autism family, Autism Family Travel, to help other families get out there and travel. Most recently,  I was appointed as a community representative to Newcastle City Council’s Disability Inclusion Advisory Committee (DIAC), to assist Council with the implementation of the Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2016-2019 and advise on local matters related to disability inclusion in Newcastle.

I’m passionate about helping families, schools, community organisations and disability service providers. I’m committed to helping all stakeholders better understand and support children, to improve working relationships and achieve better outcomes.  Let me help you too.



I’m available for consultation sessions to answer your questions & help you find ways to better connect and serve special needs families. I provide first-hand insight as a special needs parent and I also offer project management, business consultancy and specialist in-service sessions to address specific areas of concern.

An experienced writer, I’ve developed website copy, client programs, blog posts, email marketing, social media updates and presentations for businesses in the disability sector. I also assist with instructional design, procedures, templates, grant applications, technical writing, reports and program development.

A confident speaker, I’m experienced in developing and delivering information sessions to client families. I can develop presentations for you, coach your speakers, or, alternatively, present sessions for you. I also provide in service training and professional development sessions to improve staff knowledge and understanding.

Parent Groups

Often, it takes a fellow parent to connect with special needs parents. I know what it’s like as I live it every single day. My aim is to reach fellow parents and help them find the positives in their situation, better adviocate for their kids and connect them to relevant services. I’m available for speaking, consulting and one on one sessions.


I offer information sessions to teachers, providing them with greater understanding of the needs of special needs families plus practical guidance on how they can better support them through school transitions. I’m available for consultation, training sessions and speaking engagements, for both staff and parents.

Community Organisations

I’m available to speak to community organisations to spread positivity, address misinformation and increase community understanding of disability. I can provide your audience with unique insight into special needs life and give them a new appreciation of disability and the role of carers in our community.

Disability Service Providers

I specialise in helping disability service providers better understand, support and service client families. In the increasingly competitive NDIS market, it’s vital you really understand the needs of families. I’m available for consulting sessions to provide first hand insight and discuss how you can improve services.




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