In September 2018 The Department for Education in South Australia asked Kirsty to be a key note speaker at a conference for parents who have children with disability. Her presentation was wonderful and inspiring. She was able to explore sensitive issues in a way that reinforced that collaboration between parents and educators is a basis for success for any child. She deftly touched on complex issues, unpacked key elements and made positive suggestions for the way forward. Immediately following her keynote participants were wanting more. I would recommend Kirsty as a speaker of great talent. Insightful, thought provoking and highly engaging.

Ian May

Director, DIsability Policy & Programs, Department for Education South Australia

CatholicCare was looking to expand the range of services on offer to the community, particularly in supporting children and families with autism. We really needed someone to help us understand our vision and intention as well as plan and develop our ideas into something tangible. Kirsty was the right person.

She has significant experience and personal understanding in supporting families with special needs children so I found it really easy to explain what our needs were. Kirsty provided great input and as a result, we successfully ran Autism Information Sessions for the community where Kirsty was a guest speaker. She not only helped us develop and plan this event, she was part of the event too and the feedback was fantastic.

Kirsty also developed a social skills program for children aged 7-10 years. The finished program is high quality with a focus on attention to detail ensuring the needs of children and their families were met. I look forward to launching this program in the near future and also look forward to working with Kirsty again. She was timely, understanding, knowledgeable and professional.

Tanya Russell

CatholicCare Social Services Hunter Manning

My collaboration with Kirsty aimed to develop and enhance my public profile as a sports person. Kirsty has extensive experience in website operations including back end development in the WordPress platform. She is familiar with the role of social media in developing an effective online presence, and the best way for beginners, like myself, to start a blog. Kirsty was able to provide advice with writing, and offered to proof read sections of my website. Kirsty writes eloquently, and as an experienced blogger, knows how to engage the audience.

Working with Kirsty was a pleasure. She was always on hand to assist, whether by email, teleconference or in person. She was professional in her communication, and was prompt to respond. Most importantly, Kirsty was approachable. She will take the time to understand your requirements, whatever they may be, and assist in any way possible. If there was a question she could not answer, Kirsty understood the limits of her expertise, and was competent at referring onwards when appropriate.

It was a pleasure to work with Kirsty. We have achieved the goals that we initially set out. She has taught me many skills that I will continue to use.

Jono Tang

Support is so important when you're a special needs parent


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