There are so many fantastic resources out there for special needs parents and I want to share some of my favourites with you here. I’ve scoured the internet and have come up with a range of special needs resources on the following topics:

  • Albinism
  • Education
  • Autism Blogs
  • Low Vision
  • Disability
  • Special Needs Parenting
  • Autism
  • Disability Advocacy


The inclusion of any site on this page does not represent a direct endorsement from myself. I also cannot vouch for all the content included on these sites as the internet is a fluid beast and information is changed and updated constantly.

However, these sites provide a great starting point for your own information gathering exercises and I’ve found a lot of help and information over the years from many of the sites listed.


Special Needs Resources



Are you new to albinism and looking for information and albinism resources?

I know how confused and uninformed I felt when we first received Gilbert’s diagnosis. I also remember how hard it was to find information at all, let alone information I could trust.

With a global prevalence of only 1 in 20,000, it’s probably no surprise that albinism is so little understood.

To help you, I’ve put together some links to resources I’ve come across over the years, including links to various pages, support groups and websites. Hopefully these links will help you find all you need to know about albinism.

Support Organisations

Albinism Fellowship of Australia

National Organization for Albinism & Hypopigmentation

Albinism Fellowship UK & Ireland

World Albinism Alliance

Under the Same Sun

OHCHR – United Nations

Support Pages

Albinism Support Group

The Albinism Alliance Group (TAAG)

Albinism Community

Albinism Friends

Albinism Fellowship of Australia

Websites & Blogs


Positive Exposure


Louise & Albinism

Parent of a Child with Albinism

The Will to See

A Few More Steps

Through Liam’s Eyes

Hey There April

JD Dalton

Jennifer Nichols

Albinism Fellowship

Blonde Whimsy

Chronicles of a Crafty Blind Chick

Crafty Blind Chick




If you’re looking for ways to support your child’s learning at home, there are lots of websites with resources aimed particularly at special needs parents. From sites concentrating on all things homeschooling, to those addressing sensory issues with learning, through to websites focusing on social learning and those specialising in visual aids, there are great resources out there, most of which offer their expertise for little to no cost.
I’ve put together a list of websites which offer special needs families a variety of education resources. I cannot personally vouvh for the content of each and every site (because the internet is too hard to keep up with at the best of times) but they are a great start if you’re looking for more resources that cater to different learning needs.

If you are new to an autism diagnosis you no doubt have many, many questions. These resources have been collated to help answer some of those questions. The autism experts listed here either have autism themselves or have first hand experience with autism over many years. They really are the first port of call if you are looking for information.

The autism resources linked below cover books, printables, equipment and general information about autism and aspergers. These are sites with a wealth of information and expertise, with links to even more sites for your reference. The organisations listed under autism organisations comprise state and national bodies committed to increasing awareness, promoting acceptance and improving outcomes for all with autism across Australia.

Autism advocacy bodies work to help people with autism achieve fair and equitable access in the community. Many of these bodies are run by autistic people who understand first-hand the challenges faced by people with autism.If you are interested in finding out about our autism story and reading the posts I have written based on our own experience, please check out my autism page.


Autism Presenters

Sue Larkey

Tony Attwood

Temple Grandin

Aspergers Experts


Autism Resources

Autism Resources Australia

Resources at Hand

The Therapy Store

Educate Autism

Momentum Learning

National Autism Resources

Awesome Autism Resources

Autism Apps

Raising Children

Minds and Hearts

Parent Connect

Autism Help

Caring 4 Our Kids

Sesame Street & Autism

Autism Pedagogy


Communicating with an autistic child

Autism and divorce

Visiting the dentist

Sleep and Autism


Autism Organisations

Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT)

Amaze (Autism Victoria)

Autism Queensland

Autism SA

Autism WA

Autism NT

Autism Asperger ACT

Autism Tasmania

Positive Partnerships

Autism Awareness Australia

Autism Partnership Australia

Autism Behavioural Intervention Association (ABIA)


Centre for Inclusive Schooling of Children with Autism (CISCA)


Australian Autism ADHD Foundation

Autism Advocacy

Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN)

Autistic Family Collective

Garry Burge – Asperger Syndrome & Autism Advocacy

Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia

Autism Advisory & Support Service

Autism CRC

Yellow Ladybugs

Family Advocacy


Autism Blogs

If you are new to an autism diagnosis, you most likely feel lost, confused and very alone. However, you are not alone – there are many people out there sharing their own experiences living with autism through websites and blogs.

From the funny to the heartbreaking, autism blogs are as diverse as the autism spectrum itself.

The bloggers below all share their own stories in their own unique and individual ways. Whether you are looking for a bit of escapism, a much needed laugh or some rare understanding, you will more than likely find what you need from the list below.


Australian Autism Parenting Blogs

About a Bugg

Girl Tribe

Playing with Fireworks

Sand Has No Home

Our Autism Adventures

David’s Gift

Seana Smith

Autistic Children Blog

Magneto Bold Too

Candy’s Family

Almost Jane


US Autism Parenting Blogs

Autism With a Side of Fries

Autism Daddy

Stuart Duncan – Autism From a Father’s Point of View

The Autism Dad

Flappiness Is…

Every Star Is Different

This Outnumbered Mama

And Next Comes L

MOM – Not Otherwise Specialised

We Go With Him

Atypical Familia

Autism Odysseys

Carrie Cariello


UK Autism Parenting Blogs

Someone’s Mum

Rainbows Are Too Beautiful

Love That Max

Autism Matters


Living With Autism


Neurodiversity & Autistic Blogs

Michelle Sutton Writes

Autistic Hoya


The Autistic Me

Respectfully Connected

Emma’s Hope Book

Jeanette Purkiss

Yes That Too

Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism

Different Brains


Low Vision Resources

We are no strangers to low vision assistance as we’ve received help for our son’s vision since he was 3 months old. Without early intervention he would not have come as far as he has and we would not have known how we should have been helping him.

It can be daunting to begin with but there are wonderful organisations out there with the expertise and the kindness to help you and your child. I know because we have been lucky enough to have been beneficiaries ourselves.

If you care for someone with low vision, here are a list of low vision organisations and resources to help you, help them.

Low Vision Organisations

Vision Australia

Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children (RIDBC)

Guide Dogs Australia

Orientation & Mobility Association of Australasia (OMAA)

Royal Society for the Blind (RSB)

Vision Impairment Family Network

American Foundation for the Blind

Perkins School for the Blind

Vision Aware

Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired


Low Vision Resources

Australian Braille Authority

Pacific Vision

Independent Living Centres Australia



Vision Loss

Visitech Magnifiers


UEB Online – Braille Training for Sighted Learners

Braille House

Raising Children

Living Well with Low Vision

Resources for Low Vision Travellers

Home Modifications for the Vision Impaired


Special Needs Parenting Resources


Positive Special Needs Parenting Posts

Here are some posts that I’ve written for special needs parents – I will add more here as I write them.


Why Special Needs Parenting is a Lot Like Survivor

How to Survive School Holidays as a Special Needs Parent

9 Ways to Find Support as a Carer

Special Needs Parents: We All Need Support (Even You)

10 Things I Believe About Special Needs Parenting

Labels Don’t Define. They Enable.

Why I’m Not Interested in an Autism Cause or Cure

Confessions of a Special Needs Parent

The Stress of Autism Parenting

Occupational Therapy & Autism

Sleep Solutions for Special Needs Parents

Autism and Daily Life

Advice I Wish I’d Received as a Special Needs Parent

More Practical Advice for Special Needs Parents

Online Resources for Special Needs Parents

Special Needs Parenting & High School

5 Tips for Approaching IEP Meetings

5 Tips for Moving House with Special Needs Kids

5 Tips for Taking Kids on Holidays

Independence & the Special Needs Child

It’s Okay to Challenge Your Special Needs Child

Trying to Find Balance as a Special Needs Family

Special Needs Parents: It’s Okay to Admit Things Are Hard

My Son’s Sensory Lunchbox

Advocacy 101

Autism & Theme Parks

The Positives of Autism

The Emotions of Autism

Managing Back to School Anxiety

Challenging the ASD Child

Changing Tack

Dual Diagnosis Dilemma

Autism and the Silly Season

Albinism 101

The Real Face of Albinism

Demystifying Albinism: The Power of Popular Perception

Demystifying Albinism: Seeing Red

Demystifying Albinism: Shades of Pale

Demystifying Albinism: Real Life Rolemodels

Demystifying Albinism: Ongoing Persecution

The Road to Mainstream – Part 1

The Road to Mainstream – Part 2

The Road to Mainstream – Part 3

12 Autism Tips for Everyday Life


Posts From Other Sources


Safety in the Home

How to Create a Backyard Sanctuary for Kids with Disabilities

Help teens on the autism spectrum to navigate social relations

Creating a Home Atmosphere of Solitude to Help Cope with Adult Autism

When My Son With Autism Melts Down, Here’s What I Do

Breaking Free of Addiction When You Have a Disability

Substance Abuse Guide for Parents

15 Behaviour Strategies for Children on the Autism Spectrum

How to Create a Backyard Sanctuary for Kids with Disabilities

For Educators: Strategies for Working with Students with ASD

Helping Aspergers Teens to Survive & Thrive

Managing Your Child’s Transition to Adulthood

Home Modifications for Young Adults with Special Needs

How Disability Friendly is Your City?

Please comment below or email me directly at if you think a page or a blog should be added to this list – I’d love to discover more special needs resources.


Support is so important when you're a special needs parent


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