The heading says it all.

This year, the kids seem to be doing so much better at school. Gilbert is certainly more settled and has already developed a genuine rapport with his new teacher. She is truly lovely. She is young and energetic and is already coming to appreciate his unique personality.

She has made a genuine effort get to know him and share in his successes. At the end of last week she stayed back to tell me how proud she was that Gilbert had actually participated in a full PE class, where he managed to outrun everyone else in OzTag. Gilbert told me he ran so hard that he made his head steam.

Then he demonstrated his running technique to me, clearly proud of his achievement.ย All I know is that watching his enthusiasm for running made me smile from ear to ear.

I was similarly proud to watch him participate in his new after school activity. He has joined the Au:Sum program at a local rock school where kids on the autism spectrum are brought together in a band to learn to work together, play an instrument and be real rockers.

Again it is a case of so far, so good.

Matilda has been able to overcome her obvious anxieties and verbalise her feelings to avoid full meltdowns at school. Her new teacher is also making the effort to get to know her and has been very accommodating when it comes to her sensory needs in the classroom. Considering she has had the same teacher for the last 2 years, I’m so proud of Matilda’s efforts to get used to her new one.

I’m also proud that she has taken up dancing again. There was a moment in the tap part of her class where the noise was overwhelming but she worked through it and is looking forward to going back. She is a born performer and I hope her love of dancing can overcome any future nerves or anxiety.

And Delilah? She just grows cuter, and more mischievous and even more adventurous with every passing day. She adores her Fridays at her new daycare centre and has taken to playing with her new friends there like a duck to water. She loves her Saturday morning swimming lessons too (pity I don’t share her enthusiasm for the 7.30am start!) and is even starting to get the hang of toilet training.

As for me? I’m struggling a little at the moment. I’m returning to work on Fridays now so I need to get my head back into the 5 day work week again. I’ve lost some blogging mojo too but I’m sure it will come back, it never deserts me for long.

The long term question will be how in heavens do I fit everything in?

Somehow I would like to fit in regular blogging with working 5 days, ferrying the kids to after school activities, organising specialist appointments and maintaining the house. While having a life too, somewhere in there.

So blogging may be a little more sporadic around here while I settle myself into my new normal. Real life is, after all, a little more important, isn’t it? But for now, I’m pleased to report that it’s so far, so good. And that’s good enough for me.


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