This goes out to all the ASD parents out there – you will understand.

Positive progress, even in the smallest areas, is a true cause for celebration. However hard everything seems now, never lose sight of how far you and your kids have come. Never forget to celebrate the little wins that mark positive progress along the way. Always remember to look for the positives and know that progress WILL come.


Positive Progress is…

…your daughter finding you and apologising VOLUNTARILY after having a tantrum and slamming a door in your face.

…your son explaining that he feels all hot because he is so sorry for being angry earlier in the day and he can’t stand how that makes him feel now.

…having your daughter’s teacher tell you just how far she has come this year and celebrating with you the fact she is holding her own without extra support.

…seeing your son greet a classmate at the local shops and happily spend time with him for 10 minutes before exclaiming “this is fun, we should do this more often!”

…being able to take all three kids to the local shops without having a nervous breakdown OR inducing any meltdowns.

…seeing your kids being able to dress themselves with little help (although shoes and socks are still a work in progress…)

…suddenly realising that the little things are no longer the battleground they once were.

In one word, positive progress is…awesome!


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