I was honoured to be asked to be a part of the first series of podcast interviews by Positive Partnerships earlier this year. The podcast has been designed to support parents by sharing inspiring and positive stories about autism, from all over Australia. It complements Positive Partnerships’ mission to help parents of school-aged children to work with schools to achieve the best outcomes for their kids.

The series features stories from parents and autistic adults, sharing the challenges and the opportunities that come with autism. I enjoyed listening to the other interviews and learned a lot from them. I definitely enjoyed listening to them more than mine – it’s so hard to listen to your own voice, especially when it sounds nothing like you thought it did!

Our story is featured in Episode 6, where I share our experiences as a positive special needs family and talk about the tools and strategies we use to help our kids get the most out of life. As the descripton of the episode explains, “Kirsty introduces us to some practical solutions on how to work in partnership with her children’s schools and teaches us that you can be positive, you can be proactive and no matter what the circumstances are, you can have a fulfilling life.”

Check out the podcast and find out more about the podcast series by visiting the Positive Partnerships site.

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