Yes, I’m THAT parent.

The special needs parent committed to standing up for my child.

That special needs parent who…

…will call you out if I feel you have not treated my child as you should.

…won’t tolerate empty platitudes or broken promises.

…will constantly chase up issues that need to be addressed.

…won’t play politics with my child’s future.

…will do whatever it takes to make my child feel safe and secure.

…doesn’t accept that adjustments can’t be made.

…does my research and goes into every meeting with a plan.

…will insist on my child being included even if no-one thinks they can do it.

…is determined to show the world my child is capable of anything.

…sees challenges as opportunities, not as excuses to give up.

…will go the extra mile to get everyone on board for the benefit of my child.

…is not afraid to ask questions, challenge assumptions or follow up on actions.

…finds a way forward even when no-one else can see a way out.

…sees beyond my child’s challenges and celebrates their strengths.

…doesn’t care if you feel uncomfortable around me or my child.

…is unfailingly loyal to those who support my child.

…will never apologise for requesting special provisions to help my child.

…is not afraid to appeal decisions if I feel they are unfair.

…will give you whatever support you need to help my child.

…won’t go away quietly.

…will never, ever give up on my child.

If all this makes me THAT parent, then, hell yes, that’s who I am.

Hell yes, I'm THAT special needs parent -

I’m not ashamed to be an effective advocate for my child. I’m not ashamed to stand my ground. I’m not ashamed to love my child unconditionally. I’m not ashamed to speak out.

I’m a positive special needs parent.

I’m THAT special needs parent.

And that’s more than okay with me.

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