I am feeling human again.
I have been on auto-pilot recently, just going through the motions, trying to keep it all together and not forget the essentials (you know, ensure all 3 kids are with me in the car in the mornings, that sort of thing…)
But tonight I feel myself again. I took some time out from being a mum and went out to dinner with an old friend. I was Kirsty again, not Mrs Russell or mum. I enjoyed an adult conversation about religion, politics, reality TV, renovations, schooling and social media.
I relished conversing with someone who I’ve known for many, many years and who gets me and my views. She is one of the few IRL friends I have who gets blogging without being a blogger herself. It was intoxicating being to talk about things I was passionate about with someone who genuinely shares my interest.
We were only out for 2 hours but it was enough to invigorate and refresh me. I didn’t realize how much I needed a release from my normal duties but, given my excitement, I was clearly overdue for a child-free outing! 
It’s a timely reminder that as much as you love your family it is important for anyone who is a parent to have some quality time away from their kids. I also think it is important for spouses to have different interests and spend some time apart enjoying them. 
I don’t think anyone should feel guilty for wanting some time-out. I know I had nearly had enough of everyone this afternoon – to be honest, dinner could not come fast enough for me tonight! And I know that I am all the better for taking some time out and rediscovering me.
I know that I will be a happier mummy in the morning. I know that I feel much more human tonight. I know that I am strong enough to carry on. I know that I love my friends. And I know I love my family – I just love them a little bit more now I’ve had a little break from them!
How often do you get the chance to rediscover the real you? Do you relish time-out from your family?

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