One of my colleagues at work calls me Pollyanna.
He thinks I’m too positive. He has even jokingly (I hope) said on occasion that my easy-going nature makes him sick.
Maybe I can seem too happy, too nice. But I figure that life is too short to dwell on the bad stuff and I prefer to look on the bright side, whenever I can.

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Now don’t get me wrong, you know I don’t have a perfect life. I have struggled and continue to struggle – that is the way it will always be.
But you have to hope things will get better – you cannot dwell on all the negatives, it will slowly eat you up and leave you a bitter, depressed shell of a person.
I get asked a lot, how do I cope with everything? How do I stay positive?
Well, I can’t handle everything – balls do get dropped, mistakes occur, omissions are made.
But that’s life – you’re never going to be 100% on top of your game all the time. You have to move on, dwelling on failure just makes it that much harder to keep going.
Take yesterday for instance. I woke up in a bad mood. I’ve had a big week, haven’t had enough sleep and felt disappointed because I wasn’t going to be able to get to the school to see Gilbert receive an award as I had planned.
I made myself get up and go for a walk to get rid of the bad mood but that didn’t give me any relief. Listening to my favourites list on my iPod didn’t improve things either and I already had a headache when I arrived at work.
During my work day I felt flat and uninspired and low. I literally could not wait to get out of there. In the end I recognised that it was just one of those days where nothing was going to go right or make me feel any better.
But today is another day and tomorrow is another again. I know I will not wake up every day feeling like this so I choose to try to ride through the rough days, put them behind me and hope to wake up next time in a more positive frame of mind.
I am thankful that I am able to choose happiness. I am thankful that I can ride out the rough days. I am thankful that I can find the positives in my life.
I am thankful that some people call me Pollyanna.

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Sharing my thanks again with Carly and the team at We Heart Life.

You should all totally go Pollyanna on me too and share what you’re thankful or glad for today!

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