Special Needs Resources

There are so many fantastic resources out there for special needs parents and I want to share some of my favourites with you here.
I’ve scoured the internet and have come up with a range of resources on the following topics:

  • Albinism
  • Education
  • Autism Blogs
  • Low Vision
  • Disability
  • Special Needs Parenting
  • Autism
  • Disability Advocacy

The inclusion of any site on these pages does not represent a direct endorsement from myself. I also cannot vouch for all the content included on these sites as the internet is a fluid beast and information is changed and updated constantly.
However, these sites provide a great starting point for your own information gathering exercises and I have found a lot of help and information over the years from many of the sites listed.
Click on one of the images below to access links to blogs, articles, websites and resources on a range of special needs parenting topics.

Here are some posts that I have written for special needs parents – I will add more here as I write them.

Why Special Needs Parenting is a Lot Like Survivor

How to Survive School Holidays as a Special Needs Parent

9 Ways to Find Support as a Carer

Special Needs Parents: We All Need Support (Even You)

10 Things I Believe About Special Needs Parenting

Labels Don’t Define. They Enable.

Why I’m Not Interested in an Autism Cause or Cure

Confessions of a Special Needs Parent

The Stress of Autism Parenting

Occupational Therapy & Autism

Sleep Solutions for Special Needs Parents

Autism and Daily Life

Advice I Wish I’d Received as a Special Needs Parent

More Practical Advice for Special Needs Parents

Online Resources for Special Needs Parents

Special Needs Parenting & High School

5 Tips for Approaching IEP Meetings

5 Tips for Moving House with Special Needs Kids

5 Tips for Taking Kids on Holidays

Independence & the Special Needs Child

It’s Okay to Challenge Your Special Needs Child

Trying to Find Balance as a Special Needs Family

Special Needs Parents: It’s Okay to Admit Things Are Hard

My Son’s Sensory Lunchbox

Advocacy 101

Autism & Theme Parks

The Positives of Autism

The Emotions of Autism

Managing Back to School Anxiety

Challenging the ASD Child

Changing Tack

Dual Diagnosis Dilemma

Autism and the Silly Season

Albinism 101

The Real Face of Albinism

Demystifying Albinism: The Power of Popular Perception

Demystifying Albinism: Seeing Red

Demystifying Albinism: Shades of Pale

Demystifying Albinism: Real Life Rolemodels

Demystifying Albinism: Ongoing Persecution

The Road to Mainstream – Part 1

The Road to Mainstream – Part 2

The Road to Mainstream – Part 3

12 Autism Tips for Everyday Life

Please comment below or email me directly at Kirsty@myhometruths.com if you think a page or a blog should be added to this list – I’d love to discover more special needs resources.

Support is so important when you're a special needs parent


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