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As a passionate advocate for special needs parenting, albinism and autism, I’m always looking for ways to share my experiences with others. My hope is to inspire other parents to believe in their kids, to have the confidence to fight for their needs and to know they are not alone.
That’s why I’m always happy to speak my truth at conferences, seminars and presentations. It also helps that I’m a Leo and I love the limelight. I also love talking, especially about myself and my experiences – it really is a match made in heaven!
My target audiences are parent groups, community organisations, disability providers, medical specialists, allied health professionals and special needs groups. However, I’m keen to connect with any group or organisation who would like to know more about special needs parenting, albinism, autism, parent advocacy or positive parenting.
Kirsty Russell speaking - www.myhometruths.com

Sharing my thoughts at the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch 2016

In the past I’ve enjoyed speaking to schools and parent groups about my experiences with autism and albinism and have loved the opportunity to share my knowledge from over 13 years as a special needs parent. In person or online, I’m available to share my knowledge and positive perspective with you too.
I’m also available for motivational speaking and would love the opportunity to inspire your conference attendees with the following topics:

  • Finding the positives in anything: yes, it’s possible
  • How to overcome adversity and have some fun along the way
  • Why special needs parents have skills to rival any big business CEOs
  • The power of thinking differently: what my kids have taught me

I’m also happy to discuss the opportunity to speak in line with topics more relevant to your needs.
Kirsty Russell at albinism speaking engagement - www.myhometruths.com

Speaking to an audience at RIDBC Hunter for International Albinism Awareness Day – June 2016

Speaking at an autism session with CatholicCare - www.myhometruths.com

Addressing parents & carers at a CatholicCare autism information session – August 2016

Speaking at Travel with Kidz expo October 2016

Presenting a session on travelling as an autism family at the Travel With Kidz Expo – October 2016

I’m due to deliver two sessions at the upcoming Asia Pacific Autism Conference – APAC 2017 in Sydney in September. One is titled, Managing a successful transition from from mainstream primary to high school – one parent’s journey. The second is titled, It IS possible to travel as an autism family (& actually enjoy the experience too!) 

If you would like to discuss a possible speaking engagement, email me via kirsty@myhometruths.com to connect and find out more.

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