Education Resources

If you are looking for ways to support your child’s learning at home, there are lots of websites out there with resources aimed particularly at special needs parents.
From sites concentrating on all things home schooling, to those addressing sensory issues with learning, websites concentrating on social learning and those aimed at visual aids, there are some awesome resources out there, most of which offer their expertise for little to no cost.
I’ve put together a list of websites which offer special needs families a variety of education resources. I cannot personally vouch for the content of all these sites (because the internet is too hard to keep up with at the best of times) but they are a great start if you are looking for resources that cater to different learning needs.
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Education Resources

One Stop Sensory Shop
SEN Teacher
My Special Education Centre
Visual Aids for Learning
Children with Special Needs
Do 2 Learn
My Diffability Australia
Aussie Educator
TES Australia
Ed By Design
Special Education Guide
Learning Resources
Special Needs
Special Needs Toys
Uniquely Gifted
Australian Disability Clearinghouse On Education & Training
ASD Graduate Certificate – Arizona State University

Homeschooling Resources

Home Education Association
Homeschooling Downunder
Homeschool Australia
Homeschooling Supplies
Complete Education Australia
Aussie Home School
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