Autism Resources

If you are new to an autism diagnosis you no doubt have many, many questions. These resources have been collated to help answer some of those questions.
The autism experts listed here either have autism themselves or have first hand experience with autism over many years. They really are the first port of call if you are looking for information.
The autism resources linked below cover books, printables, equipment and general information about autism and aspergers.  These are sites with a wealth of information and expertise, with links to even more sites for your reference.
The organisations listed under autism organisations comprise state and national bodies committed to increasing awareness, promoting acceptance and improving outcomes for all with autism across Australia.
Autism advocacy bodies work to help people with autism achieve fair and equitable access in the community. Many of these bodies are run by autistic people who understand first-hand the challenges faced by people with autism.
If you are interested in finding out about our autism story and reading the posts I have written based on our own experience, please check out my autism page.
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Autism Experts

Sue Larkey
Tony Attwood
Temple Grandin
Aspergers Experts

Autism Resources

Autism Resources Australia
Resources at Hand
The Therapy Store
Educate Autism
Momentum Learning
National Autism Resources
Awesome Autism Resources
Autism Apps
Raising Children
Minds and Hearts
Parent Connect
Autism Help
Caring 4 Our Kids
Sesame Street & Autism
Autism Pedagogy
Communicating with an autistic child
Autism and divorce
Visiting the dentist
Sleep and Autism

Autism Organisations

Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT)
Amaze (Autism Victoria)
Autism Queensland
Autism SA
Autism WA
Autism NT
Autism Asperger ACT
Autism Tasmania
Positive Partnerships
Autism Awareness Australia
Autism Partnership Australia
Autism Behavioural Intervention Association (ABIA)
Centre for Inclusive Schooling of Children with Autism (CISCA)
Australian Autism ADHD Foundation

Autism Advocacy

Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN)
Autistic Family Collective
Garry Burge – Asperger Syndrome & Autism Advocacy
Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia
Autism Advisory & Support Service
Autism CRC
Yellow Ladybugs
Family Advocacy
If you need any further advice on where to find autism resources please contact me by email at
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