Back to School: It's Done

Back to School: It's Done

My kids went back to school this morning. After weeks of nerves and anxiety mixed in with a little excitement, Matilda returned to school in Year 1 and Gilbert started there in Year 2. It went better than I expected. They were both excited to get their lunches...

Family Night Out

Tonight we went out as a family to a friend’s birthday party. To be honest, these things are not normally occasions I look forward to as any social gathering for my kids can be fraught with difficulty. And, as a consequence, they are normally full of stress and...

Pushing Through and Being Social

There are more times than not when I feel too apathetic and tired to be social or to organise get togethers. I think we all feel that way sometimes after a big day wrangling kids or battling away at work. Problem for me, I feel like that all the time and I have gotten...

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